About TMIC

Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre is a world-class specialist molecular imaging facility, wholly owned by Mubadala Development Company. Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre forms part of Mubadala Healthcare, business unit and represents one of the key initiatives within their healthcare plans to establish world-class medical facilities in the UAE.
“Our Vision is to positively change the way disease is understood and managed.”
“Our Mission is to positively impact the lives of the patients we serve by delivering world class imaging and expertise in an accurate and timely manner.”
EMPATHY commits us to put ourselves in the place of those who we are caring for. By doing so, we will always provide dignified care.

EXCELLENCE commits us to do our best in all that we do; both individually and collectively to meet the needs of those we serve. In every area of our engagement, we strive for professional competency whilst always seeking self-improvement and continuous development.

INTEGRITY commits us to uphold firm principles and high standards, whilst demonstrating a high level of trust and honesty.

RESPECT commits us to honor the diversity and dignity of every individual.

OPENNESS commits us to be up-front, honest and truthful in everything that we say and do. We always remain open to others values, cultures and beliefs.

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